Nayos Event Rentals

Order Adjustments

We know events are constantly changing and we strive to make order adjustments as easy as possible.


We understand that cancellations happen and recognize that it is a challenging situation for all. We try to minimize the stress surrounding it by providing a clear and generous policy.

For the table below, we measure time until you receive your order (via delivery or self pick-up). This means if your event takes place on a Sunday but you receive the items on Friday then we count the days until Friday.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Cancellation TimeResult
At least 7 days prior to delivery/pick-up
  • Non-refundable deposit converted to an account credit
  • Any payment beyond the non-refundable deposit is refunded
Between 7 days and 3 days prior to delivery/pick-up
  • 100% converted to an account credit
Less than 3 days before delivery/pick-up
  • 25% of booking subtotal charged as a restocking fee
  • Remaining balance converted to an account credit

Removing Items & Reducing Quantities

Removing or reducing items will follow our cancellation policy as outlined in the table above.

In other words, if you reduce your quantities at least 7 days prior to delivery/pick-up then the deposit placed on them will be used towards your final balance. For this reason, we always recommend you book the maximum amount you think you'll need then you can reduce the numbers as needed when you submit final payment.

Any reductions after the 7 day mark will not be eligible for a refund and will incur a restocking fee if it is less than 3 days out.

While we make it easy to revise your order to your exact guest count, we generally recommend keeping extra pieces in your order. Accidents happen and having some backups will ensure that if a glass breaks, you can grab another one.

Adding Items & Increasing Quantities

You are always welcome to add to an existing order but it will be subject to the availability of the items.

Last minute additions may not be possible to accommodate, even if the items are available. Orders take time for our staff to prepare and verify. Preparing orders that were finalized well in advance will take priority over servicing last minute changes.

As your event day nears, if you think you will need additional items then please make those changes as soon as possible to ensure you can get everything you need.

Rescheduling Events

Rescheduling an event will follow our cancellation policy as outlined in the table above. We treat rescheduling an event as cancelling the current one then rebooking a new one. This means rescheduling an event last minute may incur a restocking fee.

Rescheduling will also be subject to the availability of the items on the new date. If the items in the original booking are not available on the new date then you may have to remove them or swap them.

Delivery/Pick-Up Changes

With enough notice we can accommodate most delivery/pick-up changes.

Any changes less than 3 days before your scheduled delivery or retrieval date may be subject to a rush re-routing fee of 20% on top of the base rate. This can include:

  • Upgrading from self pick-up to delivery by us or self return to retrieval by us
  • Changing the address we are going to
  • Changing the day and/or time window

Our drivers and routes are scheduled in advance, so any last minute changes we need to make to these will result in a rush fee.

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