Nayos Event Rentals


Review the sections below to learn more about our policies around common rental concerns. If there is something you don't see covered then let us know - you can reach us instantly with the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

Rental Period

For your convenience, the rental rates on our website includes a rental period of up to 5 days. This allows you to receive your items up to 2 days before your event then return them up to 2 days after your event. Whether you have the items for one day or five days - the rental rate remains the same.

Our goal is to make event rentals as easy as possible and reducing the number of errands you need to run on event day is just another small way we look to help. If you have an extra busy schedule or are traveling out of town and need an extra day or two added to your rental period then let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate.

Our self pick up and self return options are only available on business days.


Our rental rates always include the cost of cleaning our items after normal use. We never expect our customers to clean our linens or wash our tableware. While we greatly appreciate the kind offer to clean our items, please refrain from doing so as some may require special cleaning processes to preserve their delicate nature. For this reason, we ask that our items are never put through a washing machine or a dish washer as it can damage or detoriate them.

For our tableware, we do ask that customers try to scrape off excess food and give them a quick rinse under running water before packing them for return. We know this may not always be possible, so don't worry if you are unable to do this!

Heavily soiled items that suggest negligence or use in unauthorized ways may incur additional cleaning fees or replacement fees. If you are unsure if your planned usage will lead to problems then please reach out to confirm.


As a rental company, we are strong believers in sustainability. We try to use durable packaging - such as milk crates, totes, and glassware boxes - as much as possible. We expect all of our re-usable packaging to be returned with the order.

Some of our goods may be delievered in a plastic wrap for sanitary reasons. This generally applies to any item that will be handling food such as flatware and plateware. Once you receive your tableware, you can simply unwrap it and set your table!

Similarly our linens are washed and folded then placed in a plastic bag. Depending on the fabric, they will also be ironed or steamed prior to you receiving them. While we try to minimize the amount of folds we do, our linens will still arrive with creases since they cannot be transported unfolded. If you love a nice crisp table linen as much as we do then we recommend giving them a quick steam or iron on site.


If you are in the industry and are looking to use our items in a style shoot then please reach out to us with additional details. Depending on the nature of the style shoot then we are happy to offer our rentals at no charge or reduced rates.

Multiple Uses

While our rental period may include having the items for multiple days, our rentals are priced for single use only. If you need multiple uses during your rental period then please include the additional pieces in your order.

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